Senin, 11 Agustus 2014

Source of Happiness

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Someone ask me in (yah, another social media that consist in giving question to your friend account and you have to answer it).. she asked me "what is your source of happiness?", and then i'm thinking "yaaa.. source of happiness saya apa yaaa? hmmm"

Sometimes, I'm getting happy when my family around me, laugh together, eat together, gossiping, etc. Sometimes, I'm getting happy when my best friend around me.. sharing story, go to new place, try new food in resto/cafe, watching movie at Cinema, etc..

Yap, for me happiness is sharing together.. even sometimes i get my happiness when i'm alone.. but when you share something to people that you adore.. i think that is my source of happiness.

Can you imagine living without people that you adore? I can't imagine it.. maybe my life would be sucks. Happiness is giving something, sharing something but the meaning about 'giving' that i wrote not all about stuff, money, etc.

I always happy when my friends come to me and share all their problems, share their daily life to me, share their laugh, love and happiness.. Oh man! That was kinda awesome life for me when you sharing together.

I always happy when my friend text me "Mbak... curhat dong!" or "Do you have a time? Let's get one cup of coffee and i'll tell you my problems" Yuhuuu~.

Because when i get new story from my friend, i get one lesson from life, even that case not happen to me, but i imagine if i in their position, what must i do? can i face that problem and blablabla.

Yap, so the answer for my question.. what is your source of happiness? maybe my answer is.. my source of happiness is sharing.

Talk about sharing, i remember Share Tea you know.. i think, back from office, i'll gonna buy Taro Pearl Milk Tea from ShareTea in Pasfes, Kuningan.. a a a this is not advertise.. i just remember ShareTea directly. hihihi.. wassalam..

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