Kamis, 17 Desember 2015

Say Thank You

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Hai, semoga selalu sehat walafiat.

Hujan sudah rajin turun ke Bumi, tetap jaga kondisi kesehatannya yah biar tidak gampang ambyar kayak yang menulis, badannya doang besar kayak bagong, tapi kalo kena angin langsung tumbang. Wkk. Jadi hari ini saya memaksakan diri untuk masuk ke kantor, padahal tenggorokan sedang tidak enak dan punggung masih sakit. Padahal waktu hari Selasa kemarin saya cuma kena gerimis tapi tumbangnya cepat amat yassalam.. iya faktor umur iya.. atau mungkin karena kurang berolah raga *kan hujan ya' begimane mau olahraga dah? (maklum sukanya olahraga gratisan di lapangan daripada pergi gym ratusan ribu mending duitnya buat nabung). Hahh, semoga cepat sehat deh. Aamiin!

Jadi tadi pas lagi iseng buka comment orang di blog saya, ternyata ada satu comment dari pembaca di postingan saya yang "One Day in Bajaj" kemarin, sebenarnya agak speechless dan lupa-lupa ingat sih dengan yang tulis comment, tapi pas baca commentnya sumpah saya terharu sekali.

Untuk kak Alvidha. Terima kasih sudah memberi saya inspirasi pertama kali untuk mencoba menulis cerita saat itu (tahun 2010). Terima kasih karena membaca tulisan di blog waktu itu dan saya mulai belajar menulis. Terima kasih inspirasinya. Terima kasih banyak!
Awalnya saya cuma senyum-senyum sendiri membaca komentar tersebut tapi makin lama makin "Astagaaa ternyata saya bisa juga memberi orang inspirasi", kinda dramatic I think, but really I am so happy when I know there are people outside there yang merasa terbantu karena kehadiran saya ntah di dunia nyata ataupun dunia maya. I'm so happy!

So after that I'm thinking about to say thank you to God and people around me which always help me walk through this life, give me some inspirations and make me smile.

Thank you God, for all. You're amazing.
Thank you Pap Mam, for always be there, support me and always love me unconditionally
Thank you Mas Di, Mba Yang for always cheer me up whenever I feel lonely.
Thank you Lan, for being in my life and loving me despite my flaws.
Thank you Office, for give me some experiences and of course salary every month :))
Thank you Trans Jakarta & Go-Jek, for take me to anywhere here.
Thank you Kak Lispa, for being my local mother in Kosan.. sorry for always act like a children whenever I sick *kiss
Thank you Rani, for always listened to my story and give me some advice.
Thank you for people who read this blog. I wish my post can make you smile.
and Thank you for all that I can't write down their name in here, you all are awesome.


Selasa, 15 Desember 2015

About a Man

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Now I'm typing this post while I already did all my job for this noon. Then rain is falling down outside my office, then my mind leads to someone outside there who stole my heart since I stand beside him on escalator in Pejaten Village Mall without any reason.

I always remember when I met him, in the corner of coffee shop on Gunawarman's street - South Jakarta. I just back from Makassar for Lebaran's day and we made an appointment to met each others. First time, I'm not into this date hahaha but my heart said "Alvidha, you should met him, he's a good guy" then I accepted his invitation to get some one or two cups of coffee (even in reality we drink Red Velvet Latte not coffee, zzz). That was awkward moment for me when I met him, I don't even know him well, but I still keep my coolness (ngook) and everything's going well, we talked about everything, I'm so happy because he had lot stories to tell, funny and I lose my coolness when we go to seafood restaurant beside the coffee shop (Holycrab), I ate lots of seafood there. He is a good guy, he bring me some delicious apple pie from his hometown and he said "I bring you this, because food places in Mampang still close because of Lebaran's day. You must be hungry". I melted down like baked mozarella cheese

Next day, I felt something different when I woke up in the morning. I felt like there is a butterfly in my stomach and I'm waiting for his chat, seriously. It's like "Is he likes me? Will he chat me again?" And i look at myself in mirror then talk "you're too ugly Als.. don't expect too much" after that he chat me and ask "are you already dry your bed in the sun?" (because when I met him I told him that I want to dry my bed in the sun HAHAHA). And I felt happy.

Next week, we met again. We ate pizza in Pejaten's area. He loves to eat, just like me hahahaha. He's not like other guy who still keep their pride to not eat too much. I can be myself when I beside him especially when I face the delicious food hehehe.

Day by day, we always communicated. I feel empty when he's not around. I always tried to avoid this feeling because I'm just afraid if I get hurts because of falling in love, but I couldn't. It blooms every second. Flower blooms, so does hope. But as always I tried to be cool even deep inside my heart I feel like children who get a cotton candy... and that feeling when I met him always same until now.

Thank you to this man who always give me a reason for smiling in the morning, noon and night.
Thank you to this man who always give me clumsy face when I look at myself in mirror and think about him.
Thank you to this man for whoever you are, you complete me.
Thank you so much to this man :)


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