Minggu, 11 Oktober 2015

02.00 am

It's already 02.00 am when I write this post.

Today, I am sooooooo happpyyyy... (Yah lot of letters, it means my happiness is so so so over). I am so happy because I met my boyfriend after separate 9 days because he was on duty to Kalimantan, ok I forget what's the name of the city that he went to, clearly it have to across the Malaysia to get there.. Pardon me, I have a trouble with remembering name.

Have you ever missing someone until you wanna cry? Actually, I hate to separate with someone that I love you know.. Kinda dramatic blablabla.. But, yah I hate it. Example, now I separate with my Mom in Makassar because I have a job in here, Jakarta, so I always feeling blue whenever I miss my mom, yapp you miss someone you love but you can't catch up because of the distance don't support you. I am not that Richie Rich who have private jet that whenever I miss, I just tell my pilot to take me to place that the person I miss live. The point is... I'm not strong enough for LDR or something, so clap hands and take a bow for you who can going thru with that, salute!!

Maybe if you read this, you're like "Aelah 9 hari doang ditinggal pacar", but for me It's like daammnn.. 9 days!! Hahahaha yah you can call Alvidha The Over Dramatic Girl. But, as long as my phone still be there, and his phone too.. with strong signal to catch up, it doesn't matter. But, I always love direct conversation, meet up, face to face, one by one.. That is the best and beautiful communication ever, especially when you talk then looking to his/her eyes.. Omaigat, it's a guilty pleasure.

Ok so yesterday on Saturday, finally I met him yeaayy!! I was waiting him on Sudirman Station, than he came with grey t-shirt and yeay! I am so happy (even my face is flat, yah my default setting of my face grrr but if you can open this heart is full of flower and there is a bee too hahaha). Back from Kalimantan, he is darker than before (yeah he has a bright and smooth skin huhuhu envy), but It's Ok, so he same with me now.. have a reddish skin yeaay! Hahahaa.

I really enjoy my Saturday, we watched The Martian together at cinema, and watched live performance of our favorite bands (Alone At Last & Thirteen) in Hai Day 2015 (Hai Magazine Anniversary Event) which is full of teenagers, and we??? Just mixed with them, pretend like teenagers HAHAHAHAHA. At 8.00 pm after Thirteen end their performance, we go back to home.

I was so tired last night but It's just tiny little feelings because happiness is cover it all. It always good and nice to have a someone you love is beside you, take care of you, laugh together, touch his hands, watch the performance of your favorite bands and feel the atmosphere together. OMG I am blushing here, yah maybe because I'm deeply falling in love.

It was nice to see you again, Lan.. Miss you already :)


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