Kamis, 10 Maret 2016

Favorite Partner

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Hello blog! Finally I'm writing in here again. So today I'm getting jobless in my office because of my supervisor isn't coming to office. Then.. I took a paper behind me and draw something on the paper and taraaa...! I draw this thing

sebenarnya rambut beliau tidak selebat ini HAHAHAA, doi mirip Jason Statham. botak!
(tapi karena gak tau gambar cowok botak jadi begini aja deh hehehe *peace!)
The picture describe about me and my partner when we're in cinema. Since we met for each other, we loved to watch movie in cinema. Our first movie to watch is Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation, we watched it in Botani Square (yes his hometown is in Bogor) and we were still friends on that moment. I always remember that moment because It's the second time I went to Bogor and just for tried Soto Kuning (although the main reason is just wanna visit him wkk, yeah power of love) but I am so happy.

Go to cinema is our favorite activity when we have a date. Sometimes the day before we go for a date, we decide the movie that we want to watch. Last week, I and him go to PIM (nak gawwl) for watched Zootopia. Then there is a scene when gentle mammals going wild and he said "Ok.. This a zombie movie..". Hahahaha.. He really enjoy to watch zombie or horror movie, me? hell no. I hate when I watched the scene when the zombie is chase the people or the ghost is suddenly come. I am afraid with my stupid style like close my eyes with bag or hand and he?? just sit calm down. Oh man!

Actually he is go to Putussibau - West Kalimantan for his duty from office. He will go about 2 weeks. And I'm officially missing him (sounds menye-menye rite?). I wish meet him soon and watched movie together like usual. Yah, he is my favorite movie partner.

Wassalam :)

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